Friday, September 10, 2010

BAngykok and Phuket

Hello all,
SO yes IU am in thailans officially and am enjoying the exaustion from the beautiful humid air.  What I mean to say is that its freaking hot over here, like hotter than I've ever experienced.  Today I went on a tour to all the temples in this sacred city near Bangkok and I kid you not I was sweating the entire day.  But other than that life is pretty good down hither.  I have traveeled from a small island/beachy area in a place called phuket and it was quite beautiful, rainy and slower paced than the big city.  Everyone rides motorbike/vespa scooters and those are also used as a type of taxi which is super fun and cheap to get anywhere...BAngkok is humongous!  It's like New York City and Mexico City combined, holy kaka!  Yes, but it's a georgoes city that is increidbly affordable and a great place to travel for americans.  All I have to say is that I am incredibly thankful for all that I have and to be able to see another part of the world with my very own eyes  oh yeah!  Here is my photobucket account so you can see some of the pictures Ive taken so far in a larger group, note they are not all full uploaded yet, these are just the beginning...     muah! carpe diem

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